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Exquisite Sinaloa-Style Seafood


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We ordered the chips and guacamole and shrimp ceviche platters and I am beyond satisfied. Everything was seasoned well enough, but for those us who like that extra lime in our guac and ceviche, they included a small container of lime wedges. That made me so happy. They also included a green and red salsa, and I didn't order that, but it was welcome and you better believe I'm saving it for use with other stuff. Everything was really good! I was craving ceviche and this place delivered exceptionally, in two ways. The food was good and they delivered nearly an hour before the time I was quoted in my text message! From the food to the utensils and little plates to the serving spoons and tongs.... just amazing! Thank you!


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Great food. really enjoyed my order, will for sure be ordering from them again! n the delivery service from Schelp & Fetch was awesome! first time i got my order on time! u guys rock!!!!


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The staff has my order memorized when I order in person so I am very comfortable ordering from this restaurant. They are very pleasant and my food is always very good.


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everything was perfect. they read all my instructions and the order was complete, fresh and delivery was fast.


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Very nice delivery driver, order arrived early. Food was fresh and delicious.

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Pescado Mojado Seafood Grill serves exquisite Sinaloa-style seafood at a great price in a refined and relaxing environment. The only real problem you'll have at Pescado Mojado is deciding what to order. For starters you can't beat the Levantate Lazaro, which is a fish and shrimp soup in a broth that is heavenly. The fresh fish ceviche on a half avocado could be a meal in itself, but don't stop there. Order a double play plate, which comes with two hearty skewers of your choice with rice and beans. Pescado Mojado is family owned, and these people know what they're doing. They're the folks responsible for bringing Pollo Loco to America. Everything is served piping hot in a hot box, ready to be put into a warm oven until you're set to eat. If you want to be a little fancier, have your platters or chaffing dishes out and transfer the food before serving. Otherwise if you don't stand on ceremony, everything comes in heavy duty aluminum roasting pans you can recycle when you're finished.